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1. A historic section of London, England. It includes Hampton Court Palace, built by Cardinal Wolsey in 1515 and appropriated by Henry VIII around 1526. George II was the last to use it as a royal residence, and much of the palace is now open to the public.
2. An independent city of southeast Virginia opposite Norfolk on Hampton Roads, the outlet of three rivers into Chesapeake Bay. Settled by colonists from Jamestown in 1610, the city was sacked by the British in the War of 1812 and was almost burned to the ground by Confederates in 1861 to prevent its occupation by Union troops.


1. (Placename) a city in SE Virginia, on the harbour of Hampton Roads on Chesapeake Bay. Pop: 146 878 (2003 est)
2. (Placename) a district of the Greater London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, on the River Thames: famous for Hampton Court Palace (built in 1515 by Cardinal Wolsey)


1. (Biography) Christopher James. born 1946, British playwright: his works include When Did You Last See My Mother? (1964), the screenplay for the film Dangerous Liaisons (1988), the book for the musical Sunset Boulevard (1993), and the screenplay for the film Atonement (2007)
2. (Biography) Lionel. 1913–2002, US jazz-band leader and vibraphone player


(ˈhæmp tən)

1. Lionel, born 1913, U.S. jazz vibraphonist.
2. Wade, 1818–1902, Confederate general: U.S. senator 1879–91.
3. a city in SE Virginia, on Chesapeake Bay. 138,757.
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Noun1.Hampton - United States musician who was the first to use the vibraphone as a jazz instrument (1913-2002)
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