Hand bag

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a satchel; a small bag for carrying books, papers, parcels, etc.

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Police source said that Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Sajid Kiani has directed to constitute a special team for investigation as police recovered a hand bag having papers and contact numbers in it.
000 kept in a man's car and Dh4,000 from the hand bag of a woman
Officials further said that the suspect had concealed the heroin in a hand bag.
According to the police, the 20-year-old reported she was attacked while walking near the Ayia Napa monastery at around 1am by four young men, who hit her, threw her on the ground, and took her hand bag.
And ideas such as an inter-generational Hand Bag party, which involved decorating and swapping paper bags, went down a storm.
Experimental and ideas sessions with teachers and student teachers led to public drawing events such as an inter-generational Hand Bag party and a Mad Hands Tea Party.
The alleged smuggler had hidden the contraband in his hand bag.
She was so terrified that she emptied the contents of her hand bag and he left taking her purse.
The ticket prices start at Dh450 per person, including one piece of hand luggage weighing up to 7kg plus one small laptop bag or hand bag.
He pushed the victim and attempted to grab her hand bag.
This hand bag pictured here is not actually a Prada, but is the work of good old Dorothy Perkins.
Officers say "an unknown woman" walked into the gallery, picked up the statue, placed it into her hand bag and left the premises.