Hand bill

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a small pruning hook. See 4th Bill.
- Bacon.

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She added that after the bill was passed by the House of Representatives, President Weah supposed to sign it before it turns to hand bill into law, noting that the Bill hasn't been signed by the President.
Charles returned from an injury to score three touchdowns Monday night, Brady was picked off twice by the opportunistic Chiefs, and Kansas City routed New England, 41-14, to hand Bill Belichick one of his worst losses as coach of the Patriots.
Terence Stamp turns in another one dimensional pantomime arch-villain but Johnson proves himself a very able comedy performer while old hand Bill Murray shines in his brief cameo as the stir-crazy Agent 13 who is stuck inside a tree.
Seeing first hand Bill Kenwright's sheer enthusiasm to qualify for Europe, I can't believe he won't finance any squad strengthening that does need doing.
Now that Republicans have both houses of Congress for the first time since 1946, Clinton aides are scanning David McCullough's best-selling Truman biography in search of the magic bullet that will hand Bill Clinton a Trumanesque comeback in 1996.
The Election Commissioner of Lahore has approved sizes of publicity items as poster (18 inches into 23 inches), Hand Bill / pamphlets / leaflets (9 inches into 6 inches), Banners ( 3 feet into 9 feet ) and portraits ( 2 feet into 3 feet).
Seeing first hand Bill Kenwright's sheer enthusiasmto qualify for Europe, I can't believe he won't finance any squad strengthening that does need doing.
HELPING HAND Bill Midgley, chairman of Leazes Homes DELIGHTED Don and Joan Gibson get the keys to their home at Afton Way ARRIVALS Kelly Kane was one of the first tenants to move into Jubilee Court with her partner Marc Gibson and their seven-month-old daughter, Alexis
Old hand Bill Cartledge won the Heron AC sweepstake at Gooseberry Hollow with 26lb 6oz.