Hand drop

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"I'm an old man," he said, and let his hand drop heavily again on the bed beside him.
"When one thinks," said Caderousse, letting his hand drop on the paper, "there is here wherewithal to kill a man more sure than if we waited at the corner of a wood to assassinate him!
She glances at him, lets her hand drop into her lap.
Only then would the axe stuck to his hand drop. Parashuram ultimately came to the Brahma Kund and made a passage for the kund to come out by digging the bank of Brahma Kund.
does, she lets go, lets her husband's hand drop down, and the
She let my hand drop. "Just what I feared," she answered, and said not another word to me the whole evening.
Hold up the rope and look at it as you let your right hand drop to your side.