Hand guide

Same as Hand director (above).

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As you hand guide the machine across the quilt top, the machine stitches what you create: a simple meander, stippling, loops, stars, writing and so on (photo 1).
Today, 57-year-old Ruth is an ambassador for the Alzheimer's Society ("I was very keen to keep getting the message out there") and has recently joined forces with Care UK to launch the A Helping Hand guide - which aims to support carers, after figures show more than a third neglect their own wellbeing due to their responsibilities.
Infinity symbolises everlasting moments in your life; a heart is filled with love and admiration; a lucky clover, horseshoe and the hamsa hand guide and protect you on your chosen path in life.
In this collection, Reinertson's eye and hand guide us through a truly thought provoking conversation.
Tara Alisbah, in her new book "Turkish Hands: Gesturing Your Way Home, A Hand Guide for Tourists," points out that Turks have their own form of body language.
Francis' buzz frenzy has also prompted Italian columnist Beppe Severgnini to write a short hand guide for properly receiving a pontiff's call.
He has developed the Botham-like ability to hit powerfully through the off-side and that calls for making room and letting the top left hand guide the stroke.
NONE of my teachers ever seemed to use it, but there was at my school during the distant days of my childhood a battered old book the title of which was, I believe, A First Hand Guide to English.
Let the more dominant hand guide the cone while the other hand steadies the applicator.
One hand guides the file, the other simply applies light pressure on the front of the file.
Now that we've shared tea over the years, her hand guides mine.