Hand lead

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a small lead use for sounding in shallow water.
- Ham. Nav. Encyc.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"But you never say die and Margs (Martin Margetson) at England always says to go 'hand lead' and so I went hand lead and, bang, I've got my hand to it and it's hit the bar.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "Throughout our time in Afghanistan we have been working closely with the Afghans to build a credible security force to hand lead responsibility to at the end of 2014.We work closely with the Afghans to ensure that any incidents of misconduct within our area of operations are fully investigated."
A1/2We can and should start next year to hand lead responsibility to Afghan forces in a coordinated way through NATO where conditions permit,e Fogh Rasmussen said in the statement.
He added: "Site purchases since the year end and projects currently in hand lead us to expect continuing progress in 2007/08 and beyond."
If this is the case, "keeping animals on the farms during the 2006-2007 winter period will, on the one hand, lead to a significant increase in the costs and on the other hand lead to a disruption of the market," warn the European agriculture organisations (Copa and Cogeca).
Player coach Tony Hand lead the way netting the opener with only 83 seconds played and that was quickly followed by a goal from the ever impressive Fredrik Nasvall with Graeme Walton getting the assist.
Henry Daly's leading Festival hopes Behrajan (left) and Hand Inn Hand lead the trainer's string out to morning exercise yesterday Henry Daly "He couldn't be better"
Shop manager Rhys Pengelly said: "We realise a lot of people who want to give us a hand lead really busy lifestyles and to find the time to donate to our shop is quite difficult.
Sawhney is happy to hand lead vocals to other artists.