Hand money

money paid in hand to bind a contract; earnest money.

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But I am not going to hand money out of my purse to have experiments tried on me.
A SHOPKEEPER refused to hand money over to two would-be robbers and chased them out of the shop.
On the one hand money is being spent to incentivise it but on the other tax incentives to buy them in the first place are being taken away.
How could they hand money out monthly to injured people whilst they are uncommitted to providing injured people with health care and medicines?
Even when I do hand money over for an ice cream or pocket money toy, Jesse always manages to drop half of it before she reaches the till.
Maybe it took so long because people don't like to even admit that they are wrong, let alone hand money out.
It's an interesting idea, but at the moment I don't believe Clr David Sheard when he says he's going to hand money and responsibility over they've just cut PS30,000 from Area Committee funding, does that sound like the action of someone who wants more decisions at a local level?
All too often in this society we forget those geuinely in need and hand money, and an easy life, to those who moan the loudest.
And this case highlights the responsibility we all have when we have neighbours who are elderly or vulnerable to look out for them and warn older citizens never to hand money over to someone who cold-calls at their home and to never let them inside.
You cannot simply hand money out - or for that matter - trim it back simply on the basis of population numbers.
22 (ANI): The United Nations has been lambasted as "utterly hypocritical" for continuing to employ Fiji's soldiers and hand money to the country's power-hungry military regime.