Hand running

consecutively; as, he won ten times hand running.
- Bacon.

See also: Hand

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On the other hand running a com-petition is by no means easy, it actually takes over your life 24/7.
But when it was the less experienced hand running the gun, I was forced back to "conscious competence.
In addition to the teachers, aides and specialists, more than a dozen parent volunteers were on hand running the games.
It's time KirKlees Council started to focus on the job in hand running a council and LOOKING after the people.
The proposed work is the rehabilitation of two golf rugby stadium Saut du Loup (the main field and field training) with stripping of topsoil on the influence of two new rugby fields, the partial realization of drainage system and its discharge, the embodiment of an integrated automatic watering system, the establishment of a drawn substrate by plating and a specific lawn, sports equipment installation and realization of a hand running around the big rugby field and recovery of asphalt around the large field.
On the other hand running a high compression engine on low octane fuel causes knocking.
45pm) Charlie is thrilled to have an enthusiastic Linda offering a helping hand running his drugs clinic, but when a violent addict demands she hands over the hospital's supply of diamorphine.
And on the day our expert team will be on hand running a Job Club workshop where they will help people with CV writing, online applications and even support with interview techniques.
The Bowe family mare set off in front in her customary fashion and, while she did not get away from her rivals as she did when winning last year, she still held the upper hand running to the last, a couple of lengths clear of the other 13-8 joint-favourite, when disaster struck for her supporters.
are hand in hand running the family-owned luxury linen business.