Hand stamp

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a small stamp for dating, addressing, or canceling papers, envelopes, etc.
- Ezek. xxxix. 9.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If you're on Rotary Hill, you will get a hand stamp, so you can come back in," Coleman said.
Your ticket is valid all day, so come and go as often as you like with a hand stamp.
Maybe we people with homes should wear electronic tags, or have a hand stamp. Then, when a homeless person sees a person with a home, they can check before asking for cash.
"From the process of edging to drilling all the way to the hand stamp, I hand-sew and build everything.
Admittance with a hand stamp is allowed until 7 p.m.
WITHOUT 3A PAWS Clever collie opens a door RUFF 3STUFF Mutt lends a hand STAMP J OF APPROVAL Owner Rodney has his post delivered into his hand MAIL J ORDER Fly brings in the post at Co Donegal home
You can select a symbol with the left button of the mouse--say, a hand stamp symbol--and place it where you want it in the document by pressing the left button again.
Historical review and tentative listing of cachets, hand stamp markings, wax seals, wafer seals and manuscript certifications alphabetically arranged according to countries.
Bessie Hughes, Omaha, Ark., writes that the post office is now charging 11 cents per brown envelope of seeds to hand stamp them.
"People come from all over the UK and abroad to hand deliver their cards to make sure they get the Bethlehem hand stamp.
His contact details are: Roger Green, Midlands Special Hand Stamp Centre, Royal Mail Birmingham, St Stephens Street, Birmingham, B6 4AA.