Hand work

work done with the hands, as distinguished from work done by a machine; handiwork.
- Moxon.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Infused with pure essential lavender oil to induce calm and regulation, the silicone putty can help reduce anxiety and add fun to heavy hand work. Users can stretch, mold, and pull the putty to ease transitions and soothe before test-taking or high-stress activities.
He praised the hand work by police and Rangers personnel under the command of DIG Police
Muhammad Hadi a trained hand-made shoe maker has been running his shop from past one decade said, we have been making shoes and Chawat local sandals with hand work, Shoes being prepared in our factors is of pure stuff of lather, it is more comfortable than other shoes and long lasted.
In modern ages, with devouring crew of hard work, it is very essential to represent hand work with reasonable, descent and attractive way.
On these portraits 75 percent is hand work while 25 percent work is done through in printing.
Hundreds of people went on a tour of the operations room to see first hand work done by the dedicated team at the station.
Preaching that God has a plan for us all and letting God's hand work things out, it also gives practical advice on finding a new career, managing one's finances, and dealing with other issues that come up when changing careers.
"The cell is totally scratch-built--the angle irons, rivets, and tabs of metal all show hand work and cutting," says Mort.
There is also a great amount of carving and hand work involved in the production of all three groups.
Likewise, a chapter on the Manual Labor Schools tells fascinating stories of Lafayette and Oberlin Colleges in the 1830s and 1840s, noting how the "the conservative strain of the movement" celebrated the healthful effects of manual life (but not hand work?!) to "give expression to a harmonious vision of class."[89]