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a.1.As tight as can be made by the hand; as, to tighten the nut hand-tight.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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However, it also states that using a torque wrench is unnecessary for the optic to return to zero it is removed and reinstalled to the same location; Turn each clamping nut a quarter turn beyond hand-tight, which should be sufficient for recovering optical zero.
The barrel shroud is then mounted over the barrel, screwed down hand-tight and locked in place by the ball-detent.
Now you set the eye relief, align the reticle and keep them in place while you make the ring screws hand-tight until the scope is snug but not fully clamped.
I expected to have to use a strap wrench to make it tight enough to stay, but to start I figured I'd just make it hand-tight, as tight as I could, and see what happened.
Inspection after a turbulent air encounter discovered both upper forward wing bolts and nuts were installed only hand-tight. Wing-bolt inspection had been completed 116.8 hours earlier, and a wing bolt re-torque check had been complied with 44 hours earlier.
* The ability to be configured with hand-tight sample vessels ranging in capacity from 100 mL to 2 L.
Minutes passed without anybody who could be of real help arriving, until-Migo, hold my other hand-tight! -His mother took a really big breath, pushed very hard-and the baby was most unexpectedly born!
The vessel closures are the "hand-tight" type where no wrenches are needed.
The die-body bolts should be loosened while the die is still on line, leaving four body bolts hand-tight, one on each end and two toward the center.
It is necessary to actually screw the receiver hand-tight onto the barrel to try things as this gets close because there is no second chance if too much shoulder metal is removed.
When you strap the yoke in the storage Bag, tighten the strap hand-tight only.
The problem was that the flare fittings had been left hand-tight during installation and never tightened up properly.