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Below you'll find the roadmap, a handy-dandy guide to when we can expect the long-talked-about Tesla challengers, upscale battery-electric vehicles from established automakers, to actually arrive at dealers.
Which is why, during summer, aside from a protective and aesthetic cover of lipstick, I usually slick on my handy-dandy tub of Vaseline petroleum jelly over it.
"Pithy and direct, aphoristic and handy-dandy the text was of a piece with the snappy advertising copy of the marketplace and the memorable, stay-in-your-head jingles increasingly heard on the radio," Weissman Joselit writes.
Should every woman seeing her baby via ultrasound, taking a pregnancy test, or receiving free peer consulting, free material aid and post-abortive help be greeted at the door with an advertisement for abortions, plus a handy-dandy phone number she can call right away to get one?
And, just in case that petty criminal isn't reacting to your Force choke the way he's supposed to (is helaughing?), here are some quick and easy moves to use with your handy-dandy lightsaber:
The powder room incorporates a handy-dandy washer-dryer, and the roomy bedroom benefits from an updated bathroom.
And there again, why not sling in - or, more accurately, have your ticketing partner sling in - a handy-dandy PS5.25 per ticket "optional" insurance and "strongly advise" festival-goers to pay for it?
Thankfully, a few new modes of transportation have been introduced, including a sputtering gyrocopter and a handy-dandy grappling hook, which gives Ghale the ability to ascend or descend mountains at certain rocky junctures spread across Kyrat.
DraftCode takes away the pain of needing internet connectivity and server accessibility by putting the power of WordPress and FlatPress in your hands, from the comfort of your handy-dandy iPad.
John will even provide a handy-dandy checklist of drying do's and don'ts, based on his decades of experience teaching Scientific Molding to processors across the country.
In recent years with the boom of smart devices, we've hit the jackpot to a universal handy-dandy gadget.