Hanging garden

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a garden sustained at an artificial elevation by any means, as by the terraces at Babylon.

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At Notre-Dame it was a tiny cell situated on the roof of the side aisle, beneath the flying buttresses, precisely at the spot where the wife of the present janitor of the towers has made for herself a garden, which is to the hanging gardens of Babylon what a lettuce is to a palm-tree, what a porter's wife is to a Semiramis.
At least Marks & Spencer tried to improve the look of their building with a hanging garden but some of the newer facades are really ugly and will date in no time.
Now the UK's biggestselling crime writer, Rankin was struggling for cash when he wanted to include verses from the band's lyrics in his novel The Hanging Garden.
The Hanging Garden is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of the ninth book in the Inspector Rebus series.
Fitted with a unique irrigation and plant feeding system, local school students were invited for the inauguration and a site tour to demonstrate the benefits of the hanging garden in tackling green issues.
The hotel is now open and this morning local schoolchildren visited for a tour during which they were taught about the benefits of the hanging garden in tackling green issues.
Stephanie Dalley, from Oxford University, has spent the last 18 years researching the Hanging Garden and concluded that it was 300 miles north of Babylon where historians and archaeologists had been looking.
In Grepolis 2.0 the Pyramids, Hanging Garden, Temple, Statue of Zeus, Mausoleum, Colossus and Lighthouse define the conditions of how to win a world.
It's grim stuff, to be sure, filmed with impressive Canadian austerity by director Thorn Fitzgerald (The Hanging Garden), who nevertheless manages to deliver some high camp to the proceedings just when the film needs it most.
Another unpredictable left turn in story and stylistic terrain for helmer Toshiaki Toyoda ("Pornostar," "Blue Spring," "9 Souls"), "Hanging Garden" offers surreal safire of the dysfunctional modern Japanese family unit.
You can spotlight your favorite plants by cultivating them in a beautiful and unusual hanging garden. This inviting gardening method is an excellent way to vary your flower planting and spark new interest in your gardening.
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