Hanging side

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(Mining) the overhanging side of an inclined or hading vein.

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Three times a week, she does squats with 20- to 30-pound barbells (3 sets of 10), hanging side crunches on the power rack, and jump training over 12-inch hurdles (for 30-second intervals).
Luckily, this show includes Delacroix's large sketch for Sardanapalus, and a small replica of that painting, hanging side by side.
Hanging side by side are paintings of peonies and roses by Gustave Courbet and Edouard Manet, sunflowers as seen by Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, and the lilacs of Henri Matisse alongside those of Mary Cassatt.
A triptych of wooden boxes (titled Exhumed, Grave Goods, and Interment, respectively), hanging side by side on the wall adjacent to Untitled, engaged the age-old philosophical debate between appearances and truth through a clever play on the physics of light reflection.
So it wasn't a surprise to see the Saltire and Malawi flags waved and hanging side by side when the two nations clashed in this Pool A match at the SECC.
In the garden house the digging fork and the spade hanging side by
But this year aswell as jars of eyeballs and severed heads there are the three bodies hanging side by side.
While very different, somehow the two artists' works sit comfortably together and complement each other - a good job, since they will be hanging side by side in The Vaults' row of cosy brick-lined booths on September 28: "Our pieces do work really well together," says Kelly.
Two big paintings, hanging side by side, show horses in an attic and horses from a Greek vase.
Now their pieces are hanging side by side at the Kooywood Gallery.