hangmans knot

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hang′man's knot`

a slip noose for hanging a person.
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He will die with a hangman's knot, the one which ominously has 13 twists and turns.
Use a hangman's knot to attach the other end of the cord to the second tree and pull it taught.
Deserved or not, when the hangman's knot is pulled up tight and the black cap snugged down over your head it is too late to plead your case.
Justice holds a "heavy cargo of messages," wrote Eliza Steelwater in her book, The Hangman's Knot. Chief among them are that we are responsible for our own behavior; we are democratically entitled to judge each other; and to pay back society, there must be reprisals for evils done.
If we ever get through the knotted mass and find the end of the rope, there will no doubt be a hangman's knot, perfectly tied and waiting to be slipped around our neck by good ol' Uncle Sam.