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n. pl. hanko or han·kos
A Japanese stamp made of wood, stone, or horn, engraved with the name of an individual, office, or institution and used instead of a signature in official transactions.

[Japanese hanko, probably alteration (taken as if han, seal, stamp + ko, child, also a noun-forming suff.) of earlier hankō, publication, printing : Japanese han, board, block such as those used in woodblock printing (from Middle Chinese pa⋮n´; also the source of Mandarin bàn) + Japanese , to go, circulate (from Middle Chinese xɦja⋮jŋ, also the source of Mandarin xíng).]
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Polio cases from other districts of KPK have also been reported including 1 from Shangla, 1 from DI khan, 5 from Toorghar, 2 from Hango and 1 from charsadda while some cases of poliohave been also reported from some district of erstwhile FATA including 1 from Khyber, 1 from Bajaur, and 8 from north Waziristan.
The accused Robertos Ipinge, 33, Timotheus Kazera, 34, Daniel Hango, 28, and Gideon Gao-Naseb, 36, were all arrested Monday evening at Otjiwarongo after they were allegedly found with rhino horns near the Otjozondjupa Regional Council.
Khagokpam Hirina Devi (1), Laitonjam Chinglensana (2), Manoharmayum Birkumar Sharma (3), Harish Naik (4), Minjur Hango Deepak (5)
Similarly, in Mardan, Swabi, DI Khan Hango and Kohat and other district both PTI and opposition have contested election against each other and the election result remained mix as compared to General Election where PTI have swept the ground against opposition.
The nursery class student identified as Muntazir of Hango village was going to school along with his brother, and when they were crossing a water channel, Muntazir fell into a snow whole.
Strongly condemning the spade of terrorism in the country including the attack at Chinese Consulate in Karachi and the bomb blast at Hango, the JI chief said the main objective of the attack in Karachi was to make the investor flee the country due to the fears of security threats and uncertain situation.
Hindi lamang kalaswaan kundi kalituhan ang ibubunga ng pag-uugnay ng salitang 'federal' sa mga katagang 'pe-pe' at 'de-de.' Ang orihinal na kahulugan ng salitang ito ay hango sa katagang Latin 'foedus,' na ang ibig sabihin ay 'liga' o 'kasunduan' na binuo batay sa 'faith' o pagtitiwala - kumbaga, isang 'federal union.'
PESHAWAR -- The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of police arrested an accused Muhammad Nabi allegedly involved in firing and killing of MPA Farid Khan in Hango in 2013.
The proportion of these categories of students could amount to approximately 44% of the enrollment in some Canadian universities (Roessingh & Douglas, 2012) and around 40% of university graduates in Canada (Hango, 2014).
Interestingly, in Canada, women account for 15.3 percent of the IT workforce (Hango, 2015), while in Pakistan, 14.7 percent of the total of IT workforce are women, irrespective of the layers of management (Khan, 2015).
Sehrish of Koaht won gold medal, Sairial of Hango won silver medal.