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The alphabetic system of writing used in Korea, invented in the 1400s.

[Korean Hangŭl, great writing : han, great + kŭl, writing.]
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(Letters of the Alphabet (Foreign)) the alphabetic scheme that is used in Korea
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The Korean film, which premiered in July, was a richly textured cinematic narration of King Sejong the Great who gave his people the Korean alphabet hangul as part of his cultural legacy.
Melih Hangul (1), Sevgi Pekcan (2), Mehmet Kose (1), Deniz Acican (3), Tuba Esra Sahlar (4), Murat Erdogan (5), Mustafa Kendirci (6), Deniz Guney (7), Hasan Oznavruz (4), Osman Demir (7), Omur Ercan (2), Fatma Goclu (7)
In the case of Hangul or Korean alphabet, an outline of Korean alphabet composed of the initial (choseong), the medial (jungseong) and the final (jongseong), takes one of the four shapes as shown in Fig.
It was only in 1446, during the reign of Sejong the Great of the Joseon Dynasty, that their current alphabet, the hangul, was created.
"With regard to the costs of translators and business cards, as Mr Murphy does not speak Japanese or Hangul and many of the businesspeople or politicians he met did not speak English, the services of translators were sought for some meetings.
"Colors" introduces each new vocabulary word in large letters so toddlers and early elementary school learners can easily point to and recognize each character in both English and Hangul, the Korean writing system.
Ailyn Agonia DOHA Lovers of Korea and Korean culture gathered at the Hangul Nihongo Center on Friday and engaged in an entertaining activity that celebrates the growing fan base of the East Asian country's language, food, music and drama in Qatar.
The company stated in Hangul its reason for application as: 'Promote management normalization by applying for regeneration procedure.'
One afternoon in mid-April this year, I noticed a message with Korean Hangul characters that looked rather suspicious in my e-mail inbox.
He stated this during his visit to National University of Modern Languages (NUML) to attend the Hangul Day (Korean Language Day) organized by the King Sejong Institute Islamabad and Korean Department of NUML, said a press release.
SEOUL:The South Korean prime minister on Tuesday reaffirmed the government's will to restart efforts to compile a unified Korean-language dictionary with North Korea as his country observed Hangul Day, which marks the invention of the Korean alphabet more than five centuries ago.