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Noun1.Hani - a Loloish language
Loloish - languages spoken by hill tribes in northern Burma and neighboring areas
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Bahrain based Hani Group has three properties across the capital city of Manama - Hani Royal Hotel, Hani Suites & Spa Luxury Apartments and Dana Homes Resort.
But Hani, who previously cochaired the university's Labour society, said that it was not his intention to cause offence and that he actually likes the Queen.
Hani Abdellatif appeared on the ITV quiz with Jeremy Clarkson which aired on Saturday night
Justice (r) Hani Muslim said that he took all humanly possible efforts to improve the working of different departments of Sindh/federal governments in order to achieve the object for which the commission was constituted.
Justice (r) Ameer Hani instructed to run the filtration plant and supply the required quantity of water to citizens.
On this ocassion Justice(Rtd) Ameer Hani Muslim directed Executive Engineer,public health to resolve the issue of employees with consultation of DC Badin while he directed DC Badin to remove illegal occupation and encroachment from both banks of Kazia canal within a week.Water commission head also visited water supply ponds where citizens Aftab Memon,Haji Hanif Khaskheli and others complaint that private company Pak Osis installed RO plants and ultra filteration plants but those were non functional and closed for more than four months and citizens were deprived of pure drinking water facility.
Justice Hani said that it was not only about NOCs, Karachi isn't getting water as per its requirements despite billions of rupees looted in the name of betterment charges.
Through the sponsorship, Markazia Toyota aims to enable Bani Hani to realize his ambition to climb the highest Seven Summits in the world - a challenge for mountaineers around the globe given their altitude of 8,000 meters each (26,247 feet above sea level).
Justice Hani observed that the mushroom growth of big shopping centers and stores were damaging the city life.
Justice Hani might perhaps like to examine the culpability of individuals and institutions responsible for causing harm to the environment and putting at risk the health of citizens.
By eliminating the fear from the Albanians, the new paths will open", said Hani.