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n. pl. hanko or han·kos
A Japanese stamp made of wood, stone, or horn, engraved with the name of an individual, office, or institution and used instead of a signature in official transactions.

[Japanese hanko, probably alteration (taken as if han, seal, stamp + ko, child, also a noun-forming suff.) of earlier hankō, publication, printing : Japanese han, board, block such as those used in woodblock printing (from Middle Chinese pa⋮n´; also the source of Mandarin bàn) + Japanese , to go, circulate (from Middle Chinese xɦja⋮jŋ, also the source of Mandarin xíng).]
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Fermion announced in 2016 that it would be investing $33 million to expand its API manufacturing facility in Hanko, Finland, including HPAPI manufacturing capacity.
Kotka and Mukran were chosen as they are strategically located, like the three other stockyards in Sweden's Slite and Karlskrona, and Hanko, Finland, so that the voyage of materials to pipe-laying locations is under 100 nautical miles, where possible.
The 4000-meter drop took place in the southern town of Hanko, Finland,
([dagger]) Puutarhurinkatu 9 A1, 10960 Hanko, Finland E-mail: matpitka@mappi.helsinki