Hans Christian Oersted

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Noun1.Hans Christian Oersted - Danish physicist (1777-1851)
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Shortly afterwards two highly respected professors from the University of Copenhagen, the physicist Hans Christian Oersted (1777-1851) and the philologist Johan Nicolai Madvig (1804-1886), began working for a new Danish educational system characterized by the concept of Bildung and the new-humanistic philosophy (Krarup 1995, Christensen [6] 2009).
Professor Hans Christian Oersted from Copenhagen, who on April 21, 1820 first observed the magnetic effects of an electric current [2], proposed a clear explanation of the phenomenon discovered.
He dates the beginning of the grid to 1820 when Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted noticed that an electrical current flowing through a wire creates, or induces, magnetic forces in the surrounding area.