Hanse towns

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(Hist.) certain commercial cities in Germany which associated themselves for the protection and enlarging of their commerce. The confederacy, called also Hansa and Hanseatic league, held its first diet in 1260, and was maintained for nearly four hundred years. At one time the league comprised eighty-five cities. Its remnants, Lübeck, Hamburg, and Bremen, are free cities, and are still frequently called Hanse towns.

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Julius Laspara might have been a Transylvanian, a Turk, an Andalusian, or a citizen of one of the Hanse towns for anything he could tell to the contrary.
Early the following year, the news was of transporting Grey's gift from Kawau to Auckland, with the press anticipating the arrival of 'many of Thurlows letters, the treaty between Richard Cromwell and the Hanse Towns, and original historical letters and papers'.
He contributed significantly to Anglo-Dutch exchanges before 1654, and from 1649-52, he wrote several letters to the Hanse towns on behalf of Parliament and the Council of State.