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Nevertheless, attestations are still challenging: some lexical items may be hapax legomena or scribal verbatim copies from exempla (thereby not representing the actual language use of the individual); others may be so widely spread (internationalisms) that they cannot be easily traced.
To find as many different versions of the manifesto as possible, I chose an unusual keyphrase, called a "( hapax legomenon " in computational linguistics: a set of words that would only be found in the manifesto and nowhere else.
Inicialmente, o software identifica as hapax (palavras com frequencia um), calcula a quantidade de palavras e a frequencia media delas.
Intellectuel et voyageur dans les cultures du monde et [beaucoup moins que]in der Weltliteratur[beaucoup plus grand que], comme son modele Abdelkebir Khatibi, Atmane Bissani, professeur des litteratures a l'universite de Meknes, a federe, autour de lui, une vingtaine de chercheurs universitaires, pour rendre hommage a Abdelkebir Khatibi et lire ou/et relire [beaucoup moins que]autrement[beaucoup plus grand que] son oeuvre dont chaque texte, du Roman maghrebin (1969), de La Memoire tatouee et Vomito Blanco au Scribe et son ombre (2008) est un hapax explorant un point important des langages et des langues qui possibilisent notre desir d'habiter le monde dans l'inconfort des questionnements et des reves oses.
Dicho al modo de los linguistas: no solo es un oximoron sino tambien un hapax, un hapax legomenon, <<dicho una sola vez>> (17).
Fleishman also points out that the reference to Jerusalem's destruction as "consumed by fire" (a hapax legomenon) may be a purposeful way of telling the king that fire, sacred to Zoroastrians, had been wrongfully utilized, and hence the city's walls must be rebuilt.
Three aspects of his literary virtuosity are discernible in his forceful critique of Tyre: creative imagery and phrasing, use of unusual and even unique words (hapax legomena) and further expansion of biblical vocabulary through neologisms (invented words).