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(hɑːfˈtəʊrə; Hebrew haftaˈraː)
n, pl -taroth (-ˈtəʊrəʊt; Hebrew -taˈroːt) or -tarahs
(Judaism) a variant spelling of Haftarah
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or haph•ta•rah

(hɑfˈtɔr ə, -ˈtoʊr ə, ˌhɑf tɑˈrɑ)

n., pl. -ta•rahs, -ta•roth, -ta•rot (-tɑˈrɔt)
a portion of the Prophets read in the synagogue on the Sabbath and holy days immediately after the parashah.
[1890–95; < Hebrew haphṭārāh literally, finish, ending]
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Noun1.Haphtarah - a short selection from the Prophets read on every Sabbath in a Jewish synagogue following a reading from the Torah
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That the first five books of the Bible with the Haphtarah portions from the Prophets are read by the synagogue-attending community year after year, century after century, and millennium after millennium is surely what has given the Jewish mind an indelible appreciation not only of what it stands for but also an awareness of the complex elements that make up the Jewish tradition, and by extension the Jewish mind.
BARRETT, The Acts of the Apostles I, T & T Clark, Edinburgh 1994, 624, que hace ver, segun la estructura del discurso, como Pablo habria seguido el orden de las lecturas biblicas, y de modo especial la haphtarah.
There is no doubt that a normal yearly cycle was used, covering the whole of the Five Books, and with a special Muphtar or final reading, followed by Haphtarah or prophetic portions" (Leslie, Survival of the Chinese Jews, p.