happi coat

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hap·pi coat

A short, lightweight Japanese jacket or robe having wide straight sleeves and an open front, often fastened with ties.

[Japanese happi, alteration of earlier hampi : han, half (from Early Middle Chinese panh) + -pi, combining form of hi, arm (from Early Middle Chinese pjiəh, pjih), perhaps influenced by Japanese happi, a cloth placed by a monk over a chair while performing a memorial service, from earlier Japanese hafuhi : hafu, dharma (Modern Japanese ) + hi, a kind of garment.]
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88 for the control group; the alpha coefficient of the HAPPI was .
10-11: Happi Anti-Aging Conference & Tabletop Exhibition, Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ.
Happi conveyed concerns of his colleagues from Germany over the agreement on financial and technical cooperation that had been reached in 2011 and ratified in 2014.
Jean-Michel Happi also added that the WB has not yet received application from the Armenian government for financing.
Happi rolled out the project peculiarities to the Minister and emphasized that it is possible to realize owing to the guidance of Beglaryan, the Ministry informs.
Pankaj plays the lead in Happi , an extended version of Mussadilal's role.
Radiant Systems Inc (Nasdaq:RADS), a company that provides technology to the hospitality, retail and entertainment industries, revealed yesterday (10 November) that the company's Aloha QuickService Point of Sale (POS) will be deployed by the Happi House Restaurants Inc in all of its existing and future sites.
As we move forward into a franchise system, our main goal was choosing the right POS technology that could grow with our business and help our franchisees maximize their profitability," said Kevyn Johnston, director of marketing at Happi House Restaurants.
Jean-Michel Happi stressed the successful process of preparatory works and noted that it will apply to the spheres of
Held in conjunction with HBA Global Expo (September 15-17) and sponsored by Beauty Packaging and Happi magazines, the HBA IPDA Awards honor finalists across nine categories--Cosmetics Mass, Cosmetics Prestige, Fragrance Mass, Fragrance Prestige, Personal Care Mass, Personal Care Prestige, Skin Care Mass, Skin Care Prestige and Green Packaging.
A LEGAL document could seal the fate of Liverpool rape victim Charlie Happi Kouamaka.
Celebration Health also selected Laserscopptimum health as a foundation for the pursuit of happi ness.