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Any of various photosynthetic, unicellular marine algae of the division Haptophyta or Prymnesiophyta, possessing two flagella and often bearing external calcified scales that fossilize as coccoliths. Haptophytes are abundant in the world's oceans and are thought to play an important role in global carbon and sulfur cycles.

[From New Latin Haptophyta, division name : Greek haptein, to grasp, touch (from the threadlike structure characteristic of the haptophytes, used to capture food and as a sensory organ ) + Greek phyton, plant; see -phyte.]
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Toxic and harmful phytoplankton composition and seasonal cell density: A total of 20 potentially toxic and harmful phytoplankton taxa were identified during the study period (Table 1) which consists of one cyanobacterium, one diatom, one haptophyte and 15 dinoflagellates belonging to the following divisions: (17) Dinophyta, (1) Bacillariophyta, (1) Cyanophyta and (1) Haptophyta.
2 and 5 Other Metazoa Phyla Other Eukaryote Phyla Chaetognatha Ciliophora Ctenophora Other Alvelata Entoprocta Amoebozoa Hemichordata Cryptophyta Loricifera Loukozoa Gnathifera Glaucophyta Onochophora Choanozoa Porifera Picozoa Rotifera Foraminifera Xenoturbeiidea Rhodophyta Acanthocephala Myzozoa Chordata Apusozoa Cycliophora Heliozoa Gnathostomulida Percolozoa Kinohycha Euglenozoa Mesozoa Haptophyta Nematomorpha Metamunada Placozoa Cercozoa Priapulida Radiozoa Sipuncula Uncultured unicellular Uncultured Metazoa Eukaryote
Asi, las microalgas procariontes se clasifican en dos divisiones: Cyanophyta y Prochlorophyta y las eucariontes en nueve: Glaucophyta, Rhodophyta, Heterokontophyta, Haptophyta, Cryptophyta, Dinophyta, Euglenophyta, Chlorarachniophyta y Chlorophyta (Mutanda et al.
El genero Reticulosphaera ha sido atribuido a los phylos Heterokontophyta (Grell, 1989a) y Haptophyta (Cavalier-Smith et al.
Phylum 1 Haptomonada (Prymnesiophyta, Haptophyta, Prymnesiophytes, Coccolithophorids and Other YellowBrown Planktic Unicells with Haptoneme Filaments)