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n.1.(Zool.) A large and valuable food fish (Polyprion prognathus) of New Zealand. It sometimes weighs one hundred pounds or more.
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ura Range, Hapuku to Clarence, and also along the Inland Road (Route 70) via Waiau and Mt Lyford.
The year-old kitchen became an instant hit for gastronomic gambits such as seaweed-wrapped hapuku fillet in a black sauce of cured roe and sea succulents that has been jokingly called Sydney's least Instagrammable dish.
A related species, hapuku (Polyprion oxygeneios), reaches ages in excess of 60 years in the South Pacific (Francis et al.
Hapuku Lodge, Kaikoura Itas not often the words atree housea and aluxurya are used in the same sentence, but if you like to travel in style and have a sense of adventure, then why not consider a stay at Hapuku Lodge, where itas possible to spend a night or two amongst the trees.
Local name English name Scientific names Papara'uri (a) Jack Carangidae Po'opo'o (a) Deepwater jack Carangoides equula Ruhi (a) Black trevally Caranx lugubris Mango (a) Galapagos shark Carcharhinus galapagensis (c) Remo (a) Rainbow runner Elagatis bipinnulata Paratoti (a) Ruby snapper Etelis carbunculus (d) Mata uira (a) Glasseye Heteropriacanthus cruentatus Nanue (a) Pacific chub Kyphosus sandwicensis Calamar (a) Squid Ommastrephidae Ura (a) Spiny lobster Panulirus pascuensis Kopuku Hapuku wreckfish Polyprion oxygeneios haharoa (a) Konso Oilfish Ruvettus pretiosus Pomfret Taractes rubescens Sierra (b) Snoek Thyrsites atun Pescado no Marine fishes nei Marine fishes nei clasificado (b) Local name 1950-1977 (%) 2000-2010 (%) Papara'uri (a) 0.
After an exhausting but very satisfying day on the ocean, it was time for a bit of pampering and the utterly luxurious Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses.
For the New Zealand hapuku (Polyprion oxygeneios), age estimates from otolith thin-sections, supported by tag-recapture evidence of early growth, indicate a longevity exceeding 60 years (Francis et al.
More pieces of the gourmet puzzle were added, and today, there are eight individual food stalls that make up Market Hall Foods, four owned by the Wilson family -- The Pasta Shop, Hapuku Fish, Market Hall Produce and the Bakery -- and four individually owned -- Peaberry"s Coffee & Tea, Enzo"s Meat & Poultry, Bloomies Flowers and Paul Marcus Wines.
Once he offered up a hapuku wrapped in damp newspaper; their mother had boiled it into soupy white chunks that made the house stink for days.
Hapuku Lodge in Kaikoura on New Zealand's South Island has five tree houses sitting in a canopy of mature Manuka trees, 30 feet off the ground.
At Te Aute College, the Anglican school for Maori students founded in 1854 with an endowment from the local Chief Te Hapuku and grant of land under the control of the Crown at the time, Ngata was taught by headmaster John Thornton, a product of the London Missionary Society and the Indian colonial education system.