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Noun1.boiled egg - egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water
dish - a particular item of prepared food; "she prepared a special dish for dinner"
hard-boiled egg, hard-cooked egg - an egg boiled gently until both the white and the yolk solidify
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It came about one night at the kitchen table when my daughter quizzed us about what the Hard Boiled Egg is famous for.
We did this by having an Easter egg competition, this is when each pupil brings in as many hard boiled eggs as needed, to use and create artistry using the eggs.
Add the lightly cooked green beans, sliced tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, new potatoes, black olives and anchovies (drain the oil from the anchovies, leaving a little if you prefer).
Encouraging children to paint eggs, make Easter bonnets or race decorated hard boiled eggs down hills were also suggested for those looking for family fun.
Take along two hard boiled eggs, decorate them and then see who can roll theirs the furthest.
She loved hard boiled eggs and disliked peppermint.
Lunch: Salad Nicoise (a tin of tuna or a tuna steak on a bed of salad - hard boiled eggs and anchovies are optional); natural live yoghurt Dinner: Chicken and stir-fry vegetables and brown rice Snacks (if needed): Natural live yoghurt, vegetable crudits, hard-boiled eggs, extra meat or fish
UNDERTAKING a short perambulation on Easter Sunday, I was astounded to find the smashed and grubby remains of dozens of hard boiled eggs littering a local park.