Hard finish

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(Arch.) a smooth finishing coat of hard fine plaster applied to the surface of rough plastering.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Queens' U15 girls had a hard finish to the league season with two games in 24 hours against the top two teams.
Jenkins used a hard finish to secure fourth place in the 400 (56.49), eclipsing her time from last season.
"It was a hard finish, but I knew it from 2013 when I was second here.
The end result is a hard finish that is often tougher than most conventional liquid coatings.
Having a hard finish that also has a high lubricity coefficient means that the rifle will reliably run longer.
As titanium dioxide- and extender-rich neutrals and pastels make way for bolder, brighter accent colors, there is growing consumer demand for deep-tone paints that go on smoothly, dry quickly, and maintain a glossy, hard finish without cracking.
Kimber's website says it's a "PVD" finish, standing for "Physical Vapor Deposition." A bit of research turned up a PVD finish simply means a finish (usually a hard finish like Titanium Nitride) applied in a vacuum with vaporized substances to coat the substrate metal.
"The pace and the gradual buildup to a hard finish, it's really what I wanted, and then to be able to be in the top five almost the whole time and never lose the race, it just played out perfectly for me today."
The elite sports sector accounted for 50% of Keronite's growth last year, with applications including a coating process for US bicycle suspension manufacturer RockShox that allowed it to shave over 30 grammes off the weight of its DH fork, using the same lightweight, hard finish Boeing uses to protect landing gears on aeroplanes.
"And we've still to play Crumlin Star twice and Ards Rangers twice so it's going to be a hard finish to the season."
It was a really hard finish today, actually the whole final 10km was hard," Wild said after the stage which covered 93kms from Katara Cultural Village to Al Khor Corniche.