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n. pl. hard·bod·ies
A person who has a trim physique and firm, well-defined muscles: "the bronzed and buffed hardbodies and preeners strolling Ocean Drive" (Jane Rayburn).
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But it was her role as Norma Valverde in Hands on a Hardbody which attracted particular acclaim.
Not to be overlooked is Nissan's performance and competition heritage, which will be represented by a 1994 Nissan D21 Hardbody Bonneville racer and a 1970 Datsun 240Z F/GT Bonneville record holder.
His regional credits include Cymbeline, Macbeth, The Comedy of Errors, The Winter's Tale, (Texas Shakespeare Festival), Memphis: the Musical (Aurora and Theatrical Outfit), Hands on a Hardbody (Aurora Theatre), Buddy
On Mint redeye flights, Milk Bar's all natural HardBody green juice packed with cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, and apples, and Bagel Rounds will be served in a Milk Bar to-go bag.
Ernst used hardbody, slow-sink plugs imitating finger mullet.
com Hands on a Hardbody, book: Doug Wright; music and lyrics: Amanda Green; music: Trey Anastasio; dir: Brian Clowdus.
Johnson's previous Broadway stints include Hair, Catch Me If You Can and Hands on a Hardbody.
The Nissan Hardbody is exported to other African countries as well.
Their show, "Hands on a Hardbody," based on a 1997 documentary about a contest in Texas to win a truck, played just 56 total performances and became the fastest close of a new musical this season.
The Girl of Your Dreams, Open Water, Cannes 2006 XXXII, 1 Special Issue on Digital Visual Effects, edited by Kristen Whissel XXXII, 2 Renoir's 1930's crime films, X-Rays and film noir, 3:10 to Yuma (1957) XXXII, 3 Three Colors: Red, Red, Cries and Whispers, The Double Live of Veronique; High Hopes; Grizzly Man; The Hardbody Film; Berlin 2008 XXXIII, 2 Deja Vu, L'Age d'Or.
The Greenock group, led by Bobby Mooney, made four EPs between 1991 and 1994 and were on the cusp of being signed when they had a bust-up on stage and the A&R man signed Hardbody instead.
A HANDS On A Hardbody contest, where contestants kept their hands on this pick-up truck and the last one standing wins it, proved too much for Richard Vega, 24.