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n. pl. hard·bod·ies
A person who has a trim physique and firm, well-defined muscles: "the bronzed and buffed hardbodies and preeners strolling Ocean Drive" (Jane Rayburn).
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A good example of that detail is the 1/10 scale cockpit set for their Landcruiser hardbody that is complete with floor pan, dashboard, full length seats, shifter, 4WD lever, emergency brake lever, foot pedals, illuminated gauge clusters, and turn signal levers.
Nearly a month ago, in fulfillment of an October 2018 pledge, I presented 50 ANKAI buses, 40 Toyota Landcruiser Hardbody vehicles, and 50 Toyota Hilux pickups, which form part of the first tranche of 138 staff and operational vehicles of various categories to the Armed Forces.
* Ten contestants compete to win a new truck in "Hands on a Hardbody," a musical inspired by the 1997 documentary about an endurance/sleep deprivation contest in which the last person standing with his/her hand on the truck, won the vehicle.
The musical Hands on a Hardbody illustrates rent-seeking in the song "If I Had This Truck." Ten people are competing to win a truck.
But it was her role as Norma Valverde in Hands on a Hardbody which attracted particular acclaim.
On Mint redeye flights, Milk Bar's all natural HardBody green juice packed with cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, and apples, and Bagel Rounds will be served in a Milk Bar to-go bag.
HANDS ON A HARDBODY. The musical comedy about 10 Texans trying to win a brand-new truck ends its run March 6 at the Players theater.
Ernst used hardbody, slow-sink plugs imitating finger mullet.
Johnson's previous Broadway stints include Hair, Catch Me If You Can and Hands on a Hardbody. But On the Town is the first role that fully uses all of his chops, from comedian to star dancer.--Lauren Kay
The Nissan Hardbody is exported to other African countries as well.
SONG LIST: "Clean," "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," "Cards," "You Are What You Wear," "Oh, Sri Lanka" "True Faith," "Killing Time;' "In the Air Tonight" "Hardbody," "If We Get Married," "Not a Common Man," "Mistletoe Alert," "Hip to Be Square," "Clean" (reprise,) "Killer Wolf," "A Nice Thought," "End of an Island," "I Am Back," "Don't You Want Me," "A Girl Before," "This Is Not an Exit"