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Noun1.Haredi - any of several sects of Orthodox Judaism that reject modern secular culture and many of whom do not recognize the spiritual authority of the modern state of Israel
Jewish Orthodoxy, Orthodox Judaism - Jews who strictly observe the Mosaic law as interpreted in the Talmud
religious order, religious sect, sect - a subdivision of a larger religious group
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According to Schwartz (2008), in recent years Haredi women's employment has gone beyond the domains of childcare and education.
Contraception for pregnancy spacing raises myriad dilemmas in the haredi community, however, many of which apply to promoting family planning in religious settings more generally.
While some of them surely are, they are not a rabbinical group; they are haredi (religious) volunteers who have joined this special group called Hesed Shel Emet, "true mercy.
As the Purim holiday approaches, a group of 35 leading Sephardic Haredi rabbis penned a letter expressing their opposition to the popular custom of dressing up as IDF soldiers.
All of this is to say that it's a show Israelis take very seriously, which is why they were thrilled this Sunday when Nissim, a black haredi rapper, took the stage.
According to a report published by Hebrew-language Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the network was run by Haim Aharon Yosefi, who is a well-known businessman and figure in the world of ultra-Orthodox Haredi Judaism.
Young Men in Israeli Haredi Yeshiva Education: The Scholars' Enclave in Unrest (reprint, 2012)
Young haredi men are exempt from military service, as long as they study in a yeshiva.
The Israeli Army: Israel's Other Religious War (VICE) "After years of demanding that the Haredi share the responsibility of serving in the armed forces, the Israeli government passed an unprecedented law in March 2014 that requires Haredi men to serve in the military.
Therefore, they attend only to Haredi media, where a rabbi acting as censor submits the news to a "mikva," or ritual bath, washing out anything deemed unkosher (79).
1) In this paper, I will deal with the issue of same-sex desire in Haredi Judaism only in the broader context of the film's treatment of Haredi masculinity.
She describes the context of the feminist and Jewish feminist sphere and the Israeli socio-political context, recurring themes in the literature, and narratives that represent haredi women's lives and critique traditional gender roles in haredi communities, including those by Hanna Bat Shahar, Yocheved Reisman, and Yehudit Rotem.