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Noun1.Haredi - any of several sects of Orthodox Judaism that reject modern secular culture and many of whom do not recognize the spiritual authority of the modern state of Israel
Jewish Orthodoxy, Orthodox Judaism - Jews who strictly observe the Mosaic law as interpreted in the Talmud
religious order, religious sect, sect - a subdivision of a larger religious group
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The Israeli Orthodox rabbinate, and much of what is described as haredi Judaism, is heavily contested in today's Orthodox world, let alone in the non-Orthodox world.
Is there a reason why Dreher looks to Modern Orthodox Judaism as opposed to ultra-Orthodox Judaism, otherwise known as Haredi Judaism? To what extent does Orthodoxy apply to Christians seeking to withdraw from public life?
Certainly, for many years now, criticisms have been leveled at leaders of a more inclusive Orthodoxy by the Agudas HaRabonim, a group of rabbis associated with Haredi Judaism. As could be expected, these critiques have focused on women's roles, conversion, interacting with non-Orthodox denominations, rabbinic power, and honest intellectual engagement with the mesorah.
Thank God, Haredi Judaism, which doesn't participate in elections, has no share in any of this."
(1) In this paper, I will deal with the issue of same-sex desire in Haredi Judaism only in the broader context of the film's treatment of Haredi masculinity.
(She is both Jewish and Israeli, and with a risk of making generalizations, will say most of us are proud she's a member of the tribe.) I'm glad Blodget realized that Haredi Judaism is an ultra-Orthodox form of a diverse religion, and while they may be the most visually recognizable Jews for their traditional attire, their black cloaks and round hats are not symbolic of an entire religion (like, say, the Star of David is) as his choice of photo implies.
He identifies threats to the Zionist perception, first that of religious and haredi Judaism becoming the spearhead of nationalist, and second that of left-wing views destroying the essence of Judaism.