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n. pl. Harijan or Har·i·jans
A Dalit.

[Sanskrit harijanaḥ, person of Hari, child of God (coined as a euphemism for Untouchable by Mohandas K. Gandhi in 1931) : Hariḥ, Hari, a name for Vishnu; see Hare Krishna + janaḥ, person, child; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Sociology) a member of certain classes in India, formerly considered inferior and untouchable. See scheduled castes
[Hindi, literally: man of God (so called by Mahatma Gandhi), from Hari god + jan man]
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Noun1.Harijan - belongs to lowest social and ritual class in India
castaway, outcast, pariah, Ishmael - a person who is rejected (from society or home)
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Khanji Harijan in its research group to carry out research on "Integrated low carbon energy: Solution for remote rural areas".
Kodai Harijan confessed to police that he had slaughtered Jivan, who was the son of his friend Shiv Sharan Kohar, to chase evil spirits from the body of his own 18-year-old son after he became ill.
Best up-and-coming judoka went to Cristo Harijan and the Fighting Spirit Award was presented to Brandon Calvert, Becky Allen, Thomas Elliot and Mary McNeil.
Police said the African national, identified as Harijan Ozama, 33, is a student of NIIT Delhi.
Dubai Harijan Gopalram was sent behind bars within minutes of his setting foot in Dubai four years ago.
Another sewage collection (pond) draining the Harijan colony was located within 20 m of the central water storage tank (Fig.
Harijan is a euphemism for the low castes and untouchables and means people of god.
He was talking to a delegation of Pakistan Harijan Federation which called on him here on Wednesday.
The layout plans for five other colonies -- Shastri Park Extension, Harijan Basti Gharoli Extension, New Lahori Colony, E& F block of Pandav Nagar and New Vishwas Nagar -- is also in the process of completion.
This man raped a girl, a Harijan, from his own village.
Tenders are invited for Pre monsoon and annual desilting of sw drain at harijan basthi near eidgah madannpet, ward office madannapet to vegetable market, surrounding of masjid e noor and beside water tank madannapet to bagh qader ud dawla in 37-kurmaguda in santosh nagar circle-7, south zone, ghmc.