Harlem Renaissance

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Noun1.Harlem Renaissance - a period in the 1920s when African-American achievements in art and music and literature flourished
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Welcome to the Faggots Ball, an annual blowout during that glorious explosion of African-American creativity known as the Harlem Renaissance.
American educator, writer, and philosopher, best remembered as a leader and one of the chief interpreters of the Harlem Renaissance.
Harlem speaks; a living history of the Harlem Renaissance.
As part of the Harlem Renaissance, new developments are underway in the nearby vicinity, including East River Plaza, a 475,000 s/f power retail center situated between 116th and 119th Streets; General Motors Harlem Auto Mall, which will occupy an entire city block between 127th and 128th Streets; and La Marqueta, the redevelopment of a 50,000 s/f retail and open air plaza on Park Avenue between East 111th and 115th Streets.
The author shows us that African American social realists of the 1930s self-defined and self-identified as a distinct, and a more politically conscious, black movement for social change, by distancing themselves from the Harlem Renaissance of a decade earlier.
When I was an editor at Random House," says Barron, "I created the Harlem Renaissance Series as part of the Modern Library [because] I wanted to make sure the younger generation of readers knew there was a body of work prior to these writers and that these writers themselves were the antecedents for today's literary heroes.
From the Civil War to the Harlem Renaissance, dance emerges as competition, social entertainment and theatrical performance.
African-American writer, artist, and actor associated with the Harlem Renaissance in New York City.
Their recollections weave a saga of black history: from Reconstruction to New York City's Harlem Renaissance.