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n.1.Probably a corruption either of charlock or hardock.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(9.) Harlock J, Williams I, Robert G, Hall K, Mannion R, Brearley S.
Since then, I was able to get a compilation entitled Space Heroes on Parade featuring the theme songs of Captain Harlock, Daimos, Raideen, and Danguard Ace.
Toei also partners with Oniri Creations to develop a series of "Captain Harlock" and "Saint Seiya" collectible figures.
These include Slam Dunk, Crayon Shin-chan, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Doraemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.
Alice Harlock, Recycle Now spokeswoman, said: "It's become routine to recycle the usual suspects in our kitchens, but some items around the home like perfume bottles and beauty cream pots are often overlooked.
CREW: G Miller--Skipper, R Foulkes, M Moore, L Grimstead, J Rubie, G Miller, C Goldsbrough, T Smith, N Barnaby, M Abrams, L Darby, J Shepherd, G Reid, B Harlock, S Derrick, M Morgan, M Morrison, K Law, I Prets, E van Emmerik, A Jones
This is reflected into the discussions concerning the organisational and sector level effects of engaging the state: value and mission changes, the adoption by third sector organisations of operational governance mechanisms of procurement and performance and quantitative measures of success specific to the public sector (new public management principles and procedures), changes in the ability of third sector organisations to effectively perform policy advocacy in their area of expertise, and the creation of a two-tier third sector which separates organisations able to maintain independence from the rest of the sector (Carmel & Harlock 2008; Nevile 2010; Casey et al.
DVD PS19.99 or on-demand Harlock Space Pirate 15 A JAPANESE language subtitled version of Shinji Aramaki's animated adventure based on the manga series Space Pirate Captain Harlock.
Carrington replied in kind, however, and after yellow cards for Nuns' Darren Dean and Lions' John Harlock another Wilson attempt drifted fractionally wide.