Center of percussion

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that point in a body moving about a fixed axis at which it may strike an obstacle without communicating a shock to the axis.
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To solve the vibration amplitude-frequency characteristic of the model above, there are many methods such as Harmonic Balance Method, Perturbation Method, Averaging Method, Multiple Scale Method.
For instance, the rational harmonic balance [5,28] or the combination of HB with Newton-like linearization (HBwL) [17,18,23,29] can be used for the construction of improved approximate solutions.
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where [[tau].sub.s ]denotes [[omega].sub0]t and M denotes the order of harmonic balance simulation.
The transformation of discretized equations of motion, in the finite element context, to the frequency domain is accomplished here through the classical harmonic balance method (HBM).
Secondly, Harmonic Balance uses these parameters and the packaged lumped elements models to simulate the complete design.
The harmonic balance (HB) method is a powerful technique for the analysis of high-frequency nonlinear circuits such as mixers, power amplifiers, and oscillators.
Fine tuning of passive components and trace dimensions were carried out in order to generate maximum output voltage when combined with multistage rectifier in Harmonic Balance environment.
S-parameter simulations are undertaken for a linear analysis while harmonic balance simulations [4-6] are performed for non linear analysis.
So, most of the approximate methods, such as harmonic balance, Lindstedt-Poincare, Krylov-Bogoliubov-Mitropolsky, multiple-scale and other perturbation schemes, are developed having in mind this class of nonlinearities [1-5].
The influence of the unbalanced magnetic pull on the natural frequency of the rotor of the generator is studied by harmonic balance method.