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The four Gospels combined into a single narrative.

[Middle English, interval of a fourth, from Latin diatessarōn, made of four, from Greek dia tessarōn, out of four : dia, according to; see dia- + tessarōn, genitive of tessares, four; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Music, other) music (in classical Greece) the interval of a perfect fourth
2. (Bible) a conflation of the four Gospels into a single continuous narrative
[C14: from Late Latin, from Greek dia tessarōn khordōn sumphōnia concord through four notes, from dia through + tessares four]
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The group was led by professional singers, and included members of the Liverpool Harmonic Gospel Choir and kids from schools including Dovedale primary, Windsor Street, from Toxteth, Archbishop Beck and Archbishop Blanche.
The highlight for me was listening to and singing with The Liverpool Harmonic Gospel Choir.
An opera performance from Danielle Thomas and the Liverpool Harmonic Gospel Choir also formed part of the ceremony.
uk Birkenhead LIVERPOOL Harmonic Gospel Choir, today at 7pm, Birkenhead Town Hall, Hamilton Square.
The service was led by Rev David Baverstock and music was provided by the Salvation Army Band and the Liverpool Harmonic Gospel Choir.
Sunday starts with The Liverpool Harmonic Gospel Choir singing a mix of traditional and contemporary music with the fantastic Chastity Brown, guest of the festival from Minneapolis.
LIVERPOOL Harmonic Gospel choir performed a charity concert at Bridge Chapel in Garston.
Liver pool Harmonic Gospel Choir performed at the event, which also raised money for charity Channel J, which is also based at Bridge Chapel.
Other performers on December 9 include Liverpool Harmonic Gospel Choir and Georgina Aasgaard, cellist with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
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