Harmonic interval

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(Mus.) the distance between two notes of a chord, or two consonant notes.

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The teacher can then assign a starting note and ask for an ascending or descending interval, and a harmonic interval or melodic interval.
Eight different call characteristics were recorded: call duration, dominant frequency, dominant frequency at the beginning of the note, dominant frequency at the end of the note, harmonic interval, number of pulses per note, pulse rate (pulses per second) and call repetition rate (calls/minute).
When Augustine probes into the proportional rhythms of longer and shorter time in musical motion, he attempts to demonstrate that not only has the relationship of all harmonic intervals been built up by the ratios of the first four numbers, 1-2-3-4, but the harmony of rhythm is also determined by the ratios of the four numbers.
Unit Four introduces melodic and harmonic intervals; by Unit Six, the student is playing the C-major chord in the left hand.
The door for a music collection was adorned with piano wires that wove in and our of the surface at harmonic intervals. A collection of photographs was accessed by grasping two handles that in turn opened four plates, much like the shutter of a camera.
With premises this loose, one might argue that Brazilian Neoconcrete painting is prefigured by Raphael's harmonic intervals and Friedrich Froebel's nineteenth-century "geometric" kindergarten.
The sound of the music though based on harmonic intervals existing in nature-is unusual, even challenging, to the Western ear.
Such rules generally include the allowed note-for-note harmonic intervals [see illustration on page 18] and establish the shape of participating melodic lines.
Left-hand accompaniments feature harmonic intervals that range from thirds to sevenths, with only a few three-note chords; the connections between chords generally require minimal changes in hand positions.
"Making Faces," for example, is full of harmonic intervals, a perfect companion piece when studying intervals in Book One of Piano Adventures.
"Carnival Fun" drills harmonic intervals on treble or bass staff.
Students learn to move out of position, cross over, play scale patterns and deal with accidentals, eighth notes, harmonic intervals, switching melody between hands and playing hands together.