Harmonic proportion

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HARMONIC PROPORTION AND FORM IN NATURE, ART AND ARCHITECTURE (2003; $21.95), by Samuel Colman, edited and with a mathematical analysis by C.
The game is won when a player manages to array the captured pieces into various progressions illustrating arithmetical, geometrical and harmonic proportion. Rithmomachia makes its great rival chess seem positively simpleminded.
The design concept is based on retaining the harmonic proportions of the G80 in combination with a more sporty side profile.
Designed in an ultimately unhappy collaboration with Stonborough's brother and philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, the house combines Engelmann's interest in harmonic proportions and symmetry (learnt directly from Adolf Loos) with Wittgenstein's obsessive attention to detail and overt expression of bare bulbs, ventilation grills and lift mechanisms.
Accepting the ancient Pythagorean and Platonic idea that man and the universe, or the microcosm and the macrocosm, were constructed on the same harmonic proportions, Ficino believed that music could capture planetary influences and transmit them to humans.
Jonson emerges here as a poet whose writing achieves its impression of uncommon stability by detailed attention to the construction of form, the relationship between its parts and wholes being determined by modules that generate the texts' underlying harmonic proportions. This goes a long way towards explaining the more than merely metaphorical architecture of the Jonsonian text.