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n. pl.1.The brains.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I sat in the box with John Harned, and with Maria Valenzuela, and with Luis Cervallos.
"But they are men," said John Harned; "and they prize-fight out of desire.
But John Harned did not go to Quito for the bull-fight.
But John Harned followed Maria Valenzuela to Quito, and it was quickly clear to us--to Luis Cervallos and me that she looked upon John Harned with great kindness.
John Harned was seeing it for the first time, and he could not escape the excitement--the sight of the man, armed only with a piece of cloth, and of the bull rushing upon him across the sand with sharp horns, widespreading.
"It is certainly," said John Harned. "It is very clever."
Maria Valenzuela clapped her hands with the rest, and John Harned, whose cold heart was not touched by the event, looked at her with curiosity.
"You have seen it," said Maria Valenzuela to John Harned, as they fastened the mules to the dead bull and dragged it out.
"Yes," said John Harned, "against five bulls, and the man, like the bulls, never in the bull ring before--a man like yourself, Senor Crevallos."
"Then must it be a cultivated taste," John Harned made answer.
"And he comes into the ring heavy with water?" said John Harned quickly; and I saw that his eyes were very gray and very sharp and very cold.
'Can you blo' a harn?' asked the guard, disengaging one of the coach-lamps.