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Survivors include two daughters, Lauren McComb of Colorado and Martha Schyberg of Eugene; a son, Harold III of Colorado Springs, Colo.; a sister, Lila Burton of Elk Park, Ill.; and seven grandchildren.
Consequently, this article will explore the contexts for and reasons behind Byron's fascination with immortality as it is influenced by his interest in both Christian and Islamic perspectives; his reading of the Bible; his inclusion, especially in Manfred (1817) and Childe Harold III (1816) and IV (1818), of speculation that the immortal substance of humankind resides in the mind; his examination of the specter of death and its aftermath as a consequence of the Fall in the mystery plays Cain (1821) and Heaven and Earth (1823); and his reaction to Robert Southey, who led Byron to The Vision of Judgment which, like Cain, Heaven and Earth, and Manfred, features spirits, phantoms, and people from religious tradition and accepts a poetic vision of a life that transcends mortality.
and grandnephew Harold III, who now runs the family publishing empire.