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Noun1.Harold Pinter - English dramatist whose plays are characterized by silences and the use of inaction (born in 1930)
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TWO forgotten screenplays by Harold Pinter will be premiered on Radio 4 as part of a series on unmade movies.
The 67-year-old author said that it was very moving to win an award named after his friend Harold Pinter, the BBC reported.
NEW YORK -- Broadway's revenue and attendance figures were both up this season, largely fueled by classics from Harold Pinter and William Shakespeare rather than brash, new musicals.
The drama happened at the New Town Theatre on George Street during a production of Harold Pinter play The Dumb Waiter.
A HAROLD Pinter double-bill will be on offer at Wrexham's Catrin Finch Centre later this month.
Must You Go?: My Life with Harold Pinter. Antonia Fraser.
Scholars of literature in general and drama in particular counter the view that towering British playwright Harold Pinter (1930-2008) represented a sui generis, by showing how particular plays, and his body of work as a whole, fit in the dramatic tradition and contemporary scene of English language.
was living in London and was able to witness Harold Pinter drink an