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A locality in the Indus River valley of the Punjab in Pakistan. Archaeological finds dating back to the third millennium bc include the remains of a well-laid-out city and indicate a possible link between Indian and Sumerian cultures.


(Placename) an ancient city in the Punjab in NW Pakistan: one of the centres of the Indus civilization that flourished from 2500 to 1700 bc; probably destroyed by Indo-European invaders


(həˈræp ə)

a village in Pakistan, in the Indus Valley: site of successive ancient cities.
Ha•rap′pan, adj.
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It possesses remains of several ancient civilizations; the most famous is Indus Valley Civilization dating back to 3,000 BC its sites are Moenjoaro (Sindh) and Harrappa (Punjab), and Buddhist civilization in the north.
Pakistan has 700 KM long coastal belt, ancient civilization like Harrappa and Mohin Jo Daro, ancient civilized cities including Lahore, Multan and Peshawar.
They learnt how to make paper horses or crafts and also went to many interactive stalls on pottery as living heritage from Multan and Harrappa.
The event concluded with the ceremonial handing over of equipment to several other national museums- including the National Museum of Karachi, Hund museum, Chitral museum, Kasur museum, Harrappa museum, and Islamabad museum.
The forest of Changa-manga, Chinji national park, Toba tak Singh forestation, Harrappa vegetation areas.
In the early period under the Harrappa and Mahenjodaro civilization, there was trade among Afghanistan, Beluchistan, West India, Bahrain, Persia, West Asia through Sea route of Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Sindhu river and Tigrees and Euphrates rivers and usually gold, silver, copper, precious stones, wood, peacock, etc.