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(ˈhɑːrə) or


(Placename) a city in E Ethiopia: former capital of the Muslim state of Adal. Pop: 96 000 (2005 est)


or Har•rar

(ˈhɑr ər)

a city in E Ethiopia. 122,932.
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The protesting people belonging to the Head Marala villages of Rawal Kukar, Peer Sabz, Ichchraan, Muhaal Raanjhan, Kotli Raanjhan, Dariya Bidar, Dholo Chehaan, Chak Harrar, Foujdaar Garh, Buhaadarpur, Baqarpur, Raan, Chakraala and other said that they had repeatedly brought the dangerous condition of the bridges to the authorities but no one felt the need of the repairing or reconstructing these bridges .
This January, Nespresso is taking coffee lovers on a journey of discovery to its origins with new Limited Edition coffees, Arabica Ethiopia Harrar and Robusta Uganda.
Thus, Ethiopia could lose its Harrar coffee with aromas of blueberry, blackberry, and cardamom.
Suki Harrar specialises in the TUPE aspects of commercial, corporate and social housing transactions, as well as handling whistleblowing cases and senior executive dismissals.
Heba Nayed Harrar Deputy Executive for Production and Transmission of Electricity and Water at EWA.
Mum-of-three Kim Harrar, 33, whose Christmas tree "floated away" from her Carlisle home, added: "I hope they have not made yet more mistakes with the flood defences after what happened last time.
Souad Harrar, member of the organising committee told TAP "this initiative wa born last July 27 during a popular rally held by a group of Tunisians living in France to denounce the June 26 terrorist attack in Sousse.
Speakers at the conference included Polly Harrar, founder of the Sharan Project which supports ran Project which supports women who have left home because of disownment, honour ownment, honour violence, rape, forced marriage and other cultural conicts.
And it's definitively working because not only do you see much more coffee coming out of Harrar these days, but you also note it in the quality and how the Harar coffees reaching the market now are coming back to the blueberry and wine taste it used to be so famous for," said Orle, who herself was born in Harar and raised in Ethiopia.
is native to eastern North America and is valued for its economic, ornamental, and ecological importance throughout the United States (Williams 1990; Harlow & Harrar 1969; Smith & Follmer 1972).