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n.1.A hinge.
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In the bottom of the second, Kelton Harre led off with a bunt single and stole second and Liam Blazier was hit by a pitch, but Boon worked out of the jam, getting Todd Jahnke and Parker to strikeout.
Signature dishes include Gulzare Harre Kebab, a very special vegetarian dish made with pan fried spinach, green peas and fresh mint, stuffed with cottage cheese.
Socio-historical context is marked by dominant psychological discourses where people are positioned and position themselves within such discourses (Harre, 1997).
The theoretical framework that forms the basis of the study draws on positioning theory (Davies & Harre, 1990; Harre & Van Langenhove, 1999) to explore the positions that Korean immigrant mothers take in their children's education inside and outside schools.
It's not coincidental that many of them are informed by feminist politics; as Harre, Grant, Locke and Sturm note in the volume on Activism in the Academy, feminism 'offers an exemplary critical position in the 'neoliberal' academy' (6) where space is cramped, minorities vie for visibility, and emotional labour and precariousness go unnoticed.
Positioning theory was introduced to social psychology in the early 1990s by Davies and Harre and van Langenhove and Harre.
Studies suggest that cyber stalking is more common among young college/university students (Shahid, 2014; Fenaughty and Harre, 2013; Finn, 2004), as in our sample, who live in a closed community and their online IDs are easily accessible, were victimized.
The focus of the proposed study is anchored in the historical-cultural psychology, based on the perspectives of self positioning (Harre & Moghaddam, 2003; Harre, 1999; Davies & Harre, 1990), dialogism and the concept of aesthetic proposed by Bakhtin (2014; 2015), in an ethical and aesthetic view of the constitution of the self and of the identity (Borges, Versuti & Piovesan, 2012; Blasi, 1984; 1980; 1993).
To test our hypothesis, we used the Lower Quarter Y Balance Test (YBT-LQ) for assessing dynamic postural control and the Harre Circuit test (HCT) to evaluate general coordinative traits within a wide variety of motor tasks.
Referring to optimal training condition, Harre in 1973, say that these "is appropriate of preparation stage and characterized by harmonious relation and unity of these components, an important role having athlete capacity to mobilize himself physical reserves by means of some maximum efforts of will, during the competition" (Harre 1973, pg.
New voices in public relations scholarship are examining how speech acts are being used by various entities to intentionally position themselves and others through the application of positioning theory (Harre and van Langenhove, 1999).