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Noun1.Hart Crane - United States poet (1899-1932)
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Ashbery is known as one of the great American poets, in line with Wallace Stevens and Hart Crane, but not as a novelist.
Posthumously, Kees, oone of the twentieth centuryAEs most gifted writers,o attained membership in the exclusive club of the disappeared, along with the likes of Ambrose Pierce, Hart Crane, and Amelia Earhart.
Though critics have written volumes on the work of American poet Hart Crane since his death in 1932, very few have commented substantially on a crucial feature of his writing: his intense process of revision.
A proletarian modernist, Lola Ridge is best known for her work published between 1918 and 1922, which coincided with her editorship of Broom and Others, and her salon in New York that hosted most of the leading poets of the time, including Marianne Moore, William Carlos Williams, and Hart Crane.
Blackmur puts it in "Notes on a Text of Hart Crane," might more provocatively be understood as his irresplendent success as pataque(e) rical.
Now known as the "poet of the Depression," and as "the Pindar of the Machine Age," as he used to call himself, Hart Crane has gradually become an iconic figure of American letters, the "American Orpheus," "the American Marlowe" (Bloom 2003: 11-12), "the Shelley of [the] age," "Catullus redivivus" (Robert Lowell, apud Spears 1965: 5), the "twentieth-century poet as hero" or "the modern Whitman" who did poetic battle to prove that this age was not a hopeless Waste Land, but a Bridge triumphant.
Seven years later, at age 10, he would discover in the Melrose branch of the Bronx Public Library two poets who burned with the heretical romantic flame that Eliot detested: Hart Crane and William Blake.
Voyages (III)," from The Complete Poems of Hart Crane, appears by permission of the Liveright Publishing Corporation.
Of note are a major jazz festival held at Randall's Island in 1938 and the story of the young poet Samuel Greenberg, who in 1910 spent his time at a psychiatric center there and whose work was notoriously plagiarized by Hart Crane after his death.
Como la "camisa chillona que se hincha" del lunatico de Hart Crane.
Paul Mariani's magnum opus, Epitaphs for the Journey crowns his 42-year career with six previous books of poems, several critical studies of poets, two collections of essays, a spiritual memoir, and five highly respected biographies of poets who have influenced his craft--William Carlos Williams, John Berryman, Robert Lowell, Hart Crane, and Gerard Manley Hopkins.
He is represented in three new anthologies: Divining Divas (Lethe Press, 2012), alongside Mark Doty, David Trinidad, and Timothy Liu; Token Entry: New York City Subway Poems (Smalls Books, 2012), which includes work by Langston Hughes, Hart Crane, Alicia Ostriker, and Edward Hirsch; In the BLACK, In the RED (Helicon Nine, 2012), which includes poems by Dana Gioia, Brenda Hillman, Ted Kooser, and Philip Levine.