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v. t.1.To hearten; to encourage; to incite.
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Kennedy was handed her NSL debut by England head coach Tracey Neville in 2009 when she was called upon to defend Loughborough's legendary Jo Harten.
Pronotum yellow, elytron fully black and shinning (Raimundo and van Harten, 2000).
Breeding of rose is concentrated on the improvement of its ornamental value, which include color, size, form and keeping quality of the bloom (Broertjes and Van Harten, 1988).
Gus Van Harten, a law professor who has studied these activities, finds that investors "can get an award for billions of dollars when that award would never come out in domestic law.
Por la tanto se vaticina que entraremos en una etapa de guerras mediaticas, acusaciones y un sinfin de lodo que se lanzaran unos a otros, logrando que los ciudadanos se harten y se alejen mas de estos procesos.
Gus Van Harten, Investment Treaty Arbitration and Public Law 45-69 (Vaughan Lowe ed.
A number of artists performed at the show, including Michelle and Noel Kesserwany, Artium String Quartet and Rudy Ghafary, Chyno and Al Rajul Al Hadidi, Ali Ajami and Pim Van Harten, and Had Taled.
viridis, is known from Algeria, South Africa, the southern Iberian peninsula, Yemen and Socotra, and elsewhere in the Middle East (Santos & van Harten 2002), and it would not be surprising to find it in the UAE, but P.
In the present version of Harten scheme, this situation was taken into account and in the case when [c.
Today we learned about rockets and CAD (computer-aided design)," said Ashton Harten, a STARBASE Robins student who attended the program in November.