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n.1.A diviner of ancient Rome. Same as Aruspice.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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El propio San Agustin busca de las artes adivinatorias de un haruspice en un momento dado de su vida, segun Santiago Montero.
Schemes, evasions, calculations and bargains multiply, all based on polls interpreted by the modern equivalents of Roman haruspices. Another corpse.
All were "seers." What distinguishes Virgil, nevertheless, from the soothsayers, augurs, astrologers, haruspices or omen readers, mantics, and divines in this circle is that his prophesying is an interpretation of history.
These unnamed priests, who consulted and interpreted a sacrifice that turned out to be against the emperor's project, were probably haruspices, experts in the Etrusca disciplina; the legal recognition of Christianity was not in their best interest, all the more so in that famous contemporary Christian intellectuals, such as Origen, overtly criticised haruspicy.
Throughout history, assorted shamans, haruspices, auspices, astrologers, sibyls, kaballahists, pyromancers, Hegelians, Marxists, palmists, tarot-card readers, stock chartists, and computer modelers have made good livings off of the apparently limitless market demand for more certainty and reduced risk.
Tambem as digressoes dos livros XI e XII, ao refletir os interesses de Claudio como censor, mostram aspectos que seriam talvez meramente ilustrativos se inseridas em outros pontos do texto, como, por exemplo, no caso das letras do alfabeto (XI, 13-14) e do colegio dos haruspices (XI, 15).