Harvest fish

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(Zool.) a marine fish of the Southern United States (Stromateus alepidotus); - called whiting in Virginia. Also applied to the dollar fish.

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The 12 fisheries and seafood projects include farms in which to raise and harvest fish and other seafood, as well as processing plants to make them ready for export and public consumption.
We suggest that anglers harvest fish selectively as a matter of conscience and conservation concern, and because fish are nutritious, delicious, and (when harvested selectively) a renewable resource.
If you do not secure your canoe, they use it to go deep into the water and set their own nets or harvest fish from our own nets.
Essentially, they worked to build a series of aquaponics tanks, which are a closed system created to harvest fish, in this case, tilapia, to eat and sell.
The site's suggestion that people "not harvest fish near or in the blooms" is not specific enough either.
"Normally, we harvest fish for six months and close for three months to avoid depletion.
Furtuna - who came to Scotland a year ago and works at the Marine Harvest fish processing factory in Rosyth - was fined PS500 and banned from driving for a year.
However, if fisherman harvest fish sustainably, everyone gets to enjoy the perks.
Summary: Ministry of Climate Change and Environment advises fishermen not to harvest fish in identified areas
"They harvest fish at the hatchery site and then buy it from us.
In fact, according to a 3,000 person poll conducted in 2012, almost 80% of American consumers who regularly eat fish indicated that the use of sustainable catch methods to harvest fish is "important" or "very important." (3) Approximately half of the polled individuals were willing to pay more for sustainable fish.
Tribal members harvest fish for subsistence, commercial and cultural use.