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 (hăz′dro͞o′bəl, hăz-dro͞o′-) Died 207 bc.
Carthaginian general who attempted to establish military dominance on the Iberian Peninsula during the Second Punic War but was defeated by Roman forces (209).
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(Biography) died 207 bc, Carthaginian general: commanded the Carthaginian army in Spain (218–211); joined his brother Hannibal in Italy and was killed at the Metaurus
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(ˈhæz drʊ bəl, hæzˈdru-)

died 207 B.C., Carthaginian general (brother of Hannibal).
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Noun1.Hasdrubal - general who commanded a Carthaginian army in Spain; joined his brother Hannibal in Italy and was killed by the Romans at the battle of Metaurus River (died 207 BC)
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