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also Hash·i·mite  (hăsh′ə-mīt′)
A member of a princely Arab family claiming direct descent from the prophet Muhammad.

[From Arabic hāšimī, from hašama, to destroy, smash; see hśm in Semitic roots.]
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Even after the 1922 borders, Iraq's Hashemite Monarchy proposed a union between the two kingdoms.
Jordan has walked a tightrope since the Hashemite monarchy was founded in 1921.
King Abdullah's Hashemite monarchy has been custodian of the sites since 1924, paying for their upkeep and deriving part of its legitimacy from the role.
Anti-government instability and occasional revolts continued through the British colonial rule to 1932, the Hashemite monarchy (under British influence) to 1958, a string of military rulers and then Saddam Hussain from 1979 to 2003.
One of them was the ICP-Central Committee, which was more accommodating of the military governments which had ruled Iraq since the bloody 1958 coup d'etat of Gen Abdul-Karim Qassem against the Hashemite monarchy. The other was the ICP-Central Leadership, which rejected all forms of co-operation of what it regarded as anti-progressive regimes.
The Bedouin are the backbone of the Hashemite monarchy but they are a minority.
What IS seems to betting on is that Kasasbeh's death was so gruesome, and so evocative of the hellfire that awaits false believers, that the dead pilot's tribe, a pillar of the Hashemite monarchy, is likely going to be shocked into wondering whether King Abdullah has pulled them into the wrong war, on behalf of a frivolous and potentially treacherous allythe United States.
The fate of Kasaesbeh, a member of a large tribe that forms the backbone of support for the country's Hashemite monarchy, has gripped Jordan for weeks and some Jordanians have criticised King Abdullah for embroiling them in the US-led war that they say will provoke a militant backlash.
Protests have erupted in Karak, the hometown of the pilot, who is from an important Jordanian tribe that forms the backbone of support for the Hashemite monarchy.
A fundamental element of Jordanian nationalism asserts the symbolic potency of the history of the Hashemite monarchy's important and esteemed tribal lineage as the sociopolitical foundation of its kingdom.
On 13 April 2004, Jordanian authorities said they had thwarted a plot by Zarqawi, a one-time street thug and jailbird who was a fierce opponent of the Hashemite monarchy, to obliterate the /Dairat al-Mukhabarat/, the hilltop headquarters of Jordan's General Intelligence Directorate (GID), a key US ally and heavily dependent on CIA largesse, on Amman's outskirts with trucks packed with 20 tons of explosives mixed with chemicals.
It explores the military's unique relationship to the Hashemite monarchy, and its evolution since the creation of Jordan in 1946.